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Web Impressions specializes in computer based business software that can be custom tailored and custom built for your needs. We can create programs specifically built and written for your business need. All of our programs are built in ASP, VBSCript and Java for your web programming needs and Visual Basic and Visual C++ for your windows based applications.

TARGET POS SYSTEMS by Web Impressions

Web Impressions is in the development stages of our Target POS Systems vegan makeupSoftware.We have recently finished our Lite Edition which is utilized as a stand-alone unit excellent for a small one-lane convenience store and has many features available to track sales and inventory, product movement and more. Simple to use and simple to operate. Read below for more information:

Target POS Systems: Lite Edition
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Sales Reporting
  • Keep and Record Invoicesclick here
  • Sales Tax Reports
  • Create Ad Batches
  • Product Movement
  • POS Interface for Use with Epson POS Printers, Cash Drawers, Bar Code Scanners (keyboard wedge type), Programmable Keyboards
  • Product Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance with Adjustable Security Levels
  • Simple to Use and Very Cost Effective

Click HERE to view some screen shots!

We offer this in our POS Starter Package complete with POS Printer, Cash Drawer, Scanner and Computer System! Click HERE for more information and to order online!

Target POS Systems: Enterprise Edition