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Sci-Fi Hits Home For Remaining Smokers Out There (like me) Hits Home For Remaining Smokers Out There (like me)

V2 Electronic Cigarette ECIGs are the next generation cigarettes; a smart and healthy choice. Many vapor cigarette brands have been introduced into the market with the intention of fostering healthy habits in people like casino en ligne. The V2 cigarettes are so far the best of all electronic cigarettes in the market. These were introduced in July 2010 and have become tremendously popular in no time. It was launched in direct competition the Blue Cig and the Green Smoke and the online ratings show how V2 is favored over the former popular brands.

Why V2? V2 was introduced in the market primarily for helping individuals who really want to quit the habit of smoking. However, the additional visiter le casinodistribution and sales feature have made it an attractive package to smokers at large. Besides the health benefits of no smoke, no tar, no harmful chemicals the V2 cigarette also offers value for money. Unlike others, V2 cigarette comes with a collection of replacement parts that too in handsome quantity. Competitive pricing packages It is available in various discount packages and gives users great freedom of choice. The product is sold out with discount coupons up to 10% of worth. The three main packages include the Standard kit, the Economy kit and the V2 Traveler kit. All are available with different product options that you may choose according to your frequency of consumption. V2 Cigs Standard Kit $79.95 includes; 10 Catridges 2 Batteries: automatic and manual A/C wall charger USB charger Manual V2 Cig electronic cigarette V2 Economy Kit $64.95 includes; V2 electronic cigarette One battery 2 cartridges Wall charger and USB charger Manual V2 Traveler Kit $109.95 includes; V2 Notebook electronic cigarette Two batteries 15 cartridges Wall, USB & car charger Charging case Accessories for V2 Cig include the cartridge, batteries, mouthpiece and a lanyard in which you can secure wear around your neck and secure your V2 cig. Such is the value for money that the V2 Cigarettes offer; no wonder it is selling faster than any other brand.